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 (R)-piperidin-3-amine (dihydrochloride)
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Chengdu Uwin Chemical Co., Ltd
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About Us
Chengdu Uwin Chemical Co., Ltd specializes in producing and supplying a wide verity of APIs& intermediates and fine chemicals from milligram to metric tons. We, dedicated scientist and engineers, can provide custom synthesis& manufacturing to our customers in well-equipped labs and partnered plants. We also represent a number of quality chemical manufacturers to fulfill your desired requests.
Whether your needs involve sourcing materials, custom synthesis or manufacturing, Chengdu Uwin Chemical Co., Ltd is prepared to fulfill your request. Please feel free to inquire about our catalog or simply place your request and we will respond quickly and accurately.
Chengdu Uwin Chemical Co., Ltd = Rapid communications, value driven products & services and honest sincere efforts to meet your desired needs.
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